Simplify Your Life

We know you began your business or non-profit because you have a passion for something. We also understand that the daily paperwork can turn a passion into a chore. Let us help you get away from the burden of financial paperwork while streamlining your reports and financial data, ensuring that you always know what your money is doing.


Good bookkeeping is essential to growing an organization. It's not just that you have money to spend but knowing where your money is going. Projections, future endeavors, and cost management all hinge on the state of your books. Let us help you know exactly where your money is working for you.


990, 991, 994, K-100, W-4, W-2, 1099, K-W3, K-W5, K-CNS 100... Payroll can feel like deciphering a code. That's without addons like garnishments, insurance, and vacation time. We have the knowledge to decipher the payroll code and allow you to focus on getting work done.

Pre-Tax Prep

We won't prepare your taxes, but we will make your accountant happy to do them. Accountants bill hourly and if they are deciphering spreadsheets and shoeboxes it's costing you. Good bookkeeping makes pre-tax prep a breeze and you will be one of the first in line to tell your accountant you are ready to file.